Photographic documentation of Claire Wymer's installation 'Defense Park', realized during her stay at DooResidency.

Defence Park

‘Defence Park’ is a sculptural and sound installation, realized in September 2021 at DOOResidency,
where I was invited to create a site-specific installation in the formerly derelict military facility ‘De Dood’ in the Hembrug Terrain (NL).

During my working period at DOOResidency, I
engaged in extensive field research seeking to uncover the grounds and history of Hembrugterrein. From this materialised an immersive sculptural and sound installation which appeared as a linguistic labyrinth of human memories. Names of the area’s streets –still linked to its weapon production history- were decomposed, re-contextualized and transformed. Ultimately, it was up to the viewers to navigate themselves through it,  giving life to their own narration.

You can listen to a walk-through recording HERE

The exhibition was curated by Aleksandra Wojt; Most of the documentation pictures are taken by Paulina Winiarska.