Detail of Claire Wymer's and Sumit Dangol's work, I Am Home.

I Am Home

'I Am Home' is a site-specific installation, created for the staircase of the“Patan  Museum” of Kathmandu, (NP). The project was realized in collaboration with Sumit Dangol, during the second edition of the NED-NEP project, (February-March 2020), organized by Erna Anema. The staircase of the Patan Museum is transformed into an immersive experience. Floors and walls are covered with projected phrases (in the first person) inspired by conversations with Kathmandu's inhabitants, reflecting on the relation between a tangible house and the intangible sense of home. Meanwhile, two windows coexist in the space: one captures sunlight, the other captures lights moving in the night. A sound piece, which allows long gaps of silence, calls for physical attention: suddenly it seemingly rains, suddenly the echo of singing balls fills the space.

Photo documentation of 'I Am Home'
Detail of Claire Wymer's work 'I Am Home'.
Detail of 'I Am Home'
Detail of Claire Wymer's work 'I Am Home'.