‘What is your favourite place in Maříž? If you had to give a sound to how that place makes you feel, what would that sound be?’
These questions were the beginning points for a series of intergenerational exchanges of memories, stories and feelings.

During our stay at Letní škola Maříž Residency, in
August 2021, Nina Van Hartskamp and I, who applied as an artist duo, invited the younger generation of Maříž to choose someone from the elder generation with whom they wanted to have a conversation about their relationship with that land.

The conversations were recorded and used as material for our final presentation, which consisted of two parallel
situations, located in the woods. The public was firstly invited to walk in a clearing in the forest, for which I realized a sound scape. Fragments of the collected memories and invented sounds were simultaneously playing within the forest from multiple speakers. The members of the community and its guests could walk around and discover each other’s personal histories.

The public could then continue their exploration towards where Nina Van Hartskamp’s performance was taking place.