Shifted Room 232

 ‘Shifted Room 232’ is a site specific installation realized in February 2021 for room 232 of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy. A series of magnetic pendulums, inhabit the space. A digital and a physical version of each element coexist in subtle discrepancy of placement and speed. Each object, present or past, physical or digital, casts shadows. Seemingly, each shadow does not follow the same path as its body. Linearity is doubtful. Humans become explorers. Their shadows too. A voice counts till sixty. It takes 7 minutes to find number 1 again. Bodies listens, look and move; once their expectation of linear unfolding is broken, they are left in the limbo of presence. 14…15… 16…. Calls the room. 17 calls my mind. 17!?