Portrait of Claire Wymer during her residency period at Door Creative Studios in the Hembrug Terrain


Claire Wymer is a Swiss Italian visual artist and researcher based in Amsterdam.

Her artistic practice focuses on the sensorial body as the primal medium through which we understand the world. It investigates and questions the historical influence that scientific and linguistic knowledge has on our current understanding of the world, and creates situations in which sensorial knowledge is valued and integrated into our intellect-based culture.  

In line with this questioning, her practice aims to immerse the viewer, and by doing so to activate one’s sensorial understanding. This process gives life to large scale and often site-specific installations, where the multiple layering of different mediums is used to stimulate a feeling of not-knowing and subsequently an urge for physical exploration. Projections, shadows, magnetic pendulums, sculptures and sounds are used in different combinations. The materiality of her installations is dubious, due to the extensive layering of mediums: it’s difficult, often impossible, to logically understand what things are made of, how they stand, how they move. The viewer is in such a way overwhelmed by these non-logical words of fabulation and is invited to sensorially embrace their absurdity.

Claire Wymer recently finished a studio residency with Door Creative Studios in the Hembrugh Terrain in Zaandam (NL) and the Summer School Residency ‘spiritual experiment and sustainable practice’ in Maritz (CZH). She holds a bachelor in Arts and Design from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy of Amsterdam. Her work has been exhibited internationally -within others- at the Stedelijk Museum (NL), at The Patan Museum of Lalitpur (NP), at Giovio Museum in Como (IT) and the Gerrit Rietveld Academy.

She is currently working with a collective on ‘The Moraine Research’. The group is periodically meeting at the newborn foundation ‘Moraine’ (initiated by Eva Vanderzand and Yanlief Schwartz) in Beek on the border between the Netherlands and Germany. Together they are experientially investigating different ways in which a collective of bodies and a place can sustain one's individual practice and needs.

Exhibitions and Public Presentations

-September 2022
Group Show and Event 'Anima-Animus', at The Hub, Lugano , CH

-June-July 2022
Group Show 'De Belofte', at Kunstliefde, Utrecht , NL

-May 2022
Performance 'In The Garden of the Queen',
with the Moraine Collective, at the Moraine, Beek , NL

- February 2022
DROP-IN STUDIO VISITS, Leidsestraat 69

- September 2021
DOOResidency at ‘De Dood’ in the Hembrug Terrain, with DOOR Creative Studio, NL

- August 2021
Summer School Residency Mariz, 'Spiritual Experiment and Sustainable Practice', CZ

- July 2021
Graduation Show, Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam, NL

- March 2021
Group Exhibition and Studio Residency at M4GastAtelier, Amsterdam, NL.

- November 2020
Group exhibition presenting the project 53 seconds 5 years later,
Pavillon, Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam, NL.
Participant in the related panel talk and publication.

- March 2020
Group exhibition, 53 seconds 5 years later, The Patan Museum, Lalitpur, Nepal.

- February 2020
Selected participant for the project 53 seconds 5 years later, a one-month collaboration
between 10 students of the Gerrit Rietveld academy and 10 students of Kathmandu
University School of Arts, initiated by Erna Anema.

-8 November 2019
Representing Rietveld student at the Rethinking Bauhaus Project’s Simposium at
the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam.

Selected participant for the Rethinking Bauhaus Project, a collaboration between the Gerrit
Rietveld Academy, The Royal Academy of The Hague and Stedelijk Museum.

-27-30 March 2019
It Moves Me, a series of daily happenings at the Stedelijk Museum realized by the open collective Wild Walkers. A selected project on the occasion of Uncut 18-19, a yearly collaboration between the Gerrit Rietveld Academy and Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.

- October 2018
Group exhibition at the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen, CZ, presenting the
collaboration between the Gerrit Rietveld Academy and the Faculty of Arts of the UWB.

- June 2018
Group exhibition at the Vondel Bunker, Amsterdam, NL

Follia (Madness), theatre and social project organized with the director Giacomo Puzzo and the theatre company Trabisonda, in collaboration with Theatre San Teodoro of  Cantù (Co, IT) and the psychiatric centres of the area.

- June 2017
Group exhibition at AQVA Club, Lugano, CH

- Sept-Feb 2017
Group curation of the exhibition Women’s Right to Vote in Bellinzona’s cantonal library, CH

- June 2016
Group exhibition of the artist collective Be-Com at Caslino’s town hall, CO, IT

- March 2016
Group exhibition of the artist collective Be-Com at San Fermo’s town hall, CO, IT.ù

Education and Complementary Formation

 August 2021
-Summer School Residency , ‘Spiritual Experiment and Sustainable Practice’,
Mariz, CZH

 2017 – 2021
-Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Fine Arts, (BA)
Amsterdam, NL

August 2019
-Meditation retreat by Francis Lucille,
Weyarn, DE

 June 2019
-Psych-K formation,
Healing technique which focuses on the transformation of limiting beliefs.
Milan, IT

 2016 - 2017
-Preparatory Course, CSIA (centre of art education),
Lugano, CH

2015 – 2016
-Painting Atelier, Academy Aldo Galli, Como, IT

2011 – 2016
- Linguistic ESABAC, Paolo Giovio, Como, IT

2011 - 2016
-Theatre laboratory of  G. Puzzo, Como, IT

2014 - 2016
-Modern Dance Collective, A&G, Maslianico, IT

2014 - 2015
-The Non-Corus, Singing Collective initiated by Dr. Psyc. Laura Pigozzi, Milan, IT

2012 - 2013
-Creative writing course, Berne, Milan, IT

Work Experience

February 2022-Current
Facilitator of Kids Creative Workshop
at OCCII, Amsterdam, NL
in Collaboration with Kombiwell

April-July 2022
Graphic Designer for Komatha Team

2020 - 2021
Graphic Designer for Theatre Company Trebisonda

29 November 2019
Performer for Cecilia Bengtsson at ‘I’d Like to Melt Down When You Go’.

March 2019    
Facilitator of physical and creative activities in relation to meditation
at the workshop 'Psychotherapy and Non Duality', organized
in collaboration  with Dc. Psych. Giulia Volken   
Arzo, CH

 2015 - 2017
Actress and Photographer
Theatre Company Trebisonda

 2016 - 2017
Drone assistant for Montagni Audiovisuals,
Villa Erba, Cernobbio, IT

 2015 - 2017
English voice over for the cartoon DIXILAND,
T-Rex Digmation, Socco, IT

February 2017
Intern for the curation of the exposition
 ‘Max Museum and SUPSI’ at Spazio
Officina, Chiasso, CH

Director’s assistant
Adrea Zingoni’s art movie:
Sono Angelica, Voglio vendetta

Photo of Claire Wymer in the process of recording the sounds which arise from the contact between her hands and the walls of 'de dood', during her stay at DooResidency in september 2021.